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About Us

When social media goes personal!

We all remember the good old days when we had a little diary dedicated to recording our favorite memory, jotting down the birthdays and anniversaries, and safekeeping and planning all those important plans and events that were about to unfold. The only drawback being, we sometimes did miss out on those reminders, forgot to carry the little thing around or worse, missed out on mentioning an event altogether. Well, with the way technology is advancing, we do have a lot of platforms that can help us do the above. But the only drawback with these tools, and a rather big one is the lack of our privacy and the threat of sharing vital personal data to not just a stranger but a cluster of people across companies.

Sorting all of the above is 24/7 Life Events - a single platform that is all about getting social, privately! A one of its kind ‘unsocial’ media platform where you can store and plan your personal life events, share plans and rejoice with your loved ones at your leisure, using safe technology and secure tech infrastructure. We understand what it means to be able to look at your memories and not worry about the world being a witness to it too and thus, we built a platform that helps your store and plan your events, photos, share plans, all in a very structured and easy to use dashboard.

Make your events a success by being able to jot down every important detail and fill in subsequent reminders to it, share events with only the people who need to know and stay assured of your privacy. Even we will have no idea what you store in here, and that’s a promise!

What is 24/7 Life Events?

The ultimate platform to plan and share events!
We are an one of its kind private and personal website/app where you can save your events, favorite memories and organize parties and events without the risk of sharing personal and private data across the web. We have not signed up with any advertising agency and thus, all your data stored here belongs only to you, no third-party target ads or sale of your personal data to outsiders, unlike other social media platforms. With 247LifeEvents, you get access to a simple and structured dashboard that helps you plan, process, edit and delete content, at your own terms. You can easily share your information with your loved ones and peers and not worry of any prying eyes on what you are sharing.

Why choose 24/7 Life Events?

Your data belongs only to you. No risks of leaks!
What if we told you, we give the benefits of most of the popular social media sites out there, minus the threat to your personal data and information? That is just it because we at 247LifeEvents brought in the best of all the media platforms to deliver a comprehensive and all-encompassing solution where you can plan long term events, store memories, share and indulge in real-time conversations with friends and peers, all the while enjoying and experiencing a wholesome and enriching digital experience. Never miss out on important events by setting up notifications for what matters, birthday reminders and automated messages.

How 24/7 Life Events can help me?

All your events, reminders and memories, in one place!
A "Feature of the Future”, it 24/7 Life Events IS ALL ABOUT YOU! Consider this as your personal diary on the internet, one that can chalk out your plans, one that can send you reminders and a place where you can relax and unwind with your favorite memories and favorite people and not worry who’s watching, listening or making money at your expense.